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Performance Measures = Leadership Clarity

If you do nothing else, be clear, says Marcus Buckingham, who has spent a lot of his time studying leadership. You probably thought that your job is to analyze the complexity and chaos of your court’s operating environment and reflect it back to the court’s stakeholders. You’d be wrong. (When you’re asked what time it is, don’t respond with instructions for building a clock!)

Tell people what it is the court should achieve. But tell them succinctly. Point them in the right direction and give them a good handle on how to get there.

Today’s court executives and managers need more than a strong message and charisma to lead effectively. They need a performance measurement system that focuses and magnifies what is most important. They need ready access to clear and actionable measures that allow them to explore the court’s performance from multiple perspectives and to steer the court in the right direction.

Performance measures – like the percent of court users who are satisfied with the way …